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Latest Vacancies (Today 3rd Feb. 2023)

1. Primary School Teacher – Basic 1-5 at Rubeth International School
2. Mathematics Teacher at Meadowsville Academy
3. Chemistry Teacher at Meadowsville Academy
4. Humanities Teacher at Meadowsville Academy
5. Physics Teacher at Meadowsville Academy
6. Science / Arts Teacher at Rubeth International School
7. Civic / Government Teacher at WELLSPRING college
8. Agricultural Science & Pre-vocational Studies Teacher at WaterBrooks College
9. Subject Teacher (Maths & English Language) at Eteredge Consulting Limited
10. Teacher Professional Development Advisor (TPDA) at American University of Nigeria (AUN)
11. Class Teacher at KyDAL Office Point
12. French Teacher at Glowfield International School
13. Nursery School Teacher at Helpers Social Development Foundation



31st January, 2023

1. Preschool Teacher at Royal Court International School
2. Science Teacher at Roemichs International School
3. Early Years or Lower Primary Teacher at Roemichs International School
4. Year Four Teacher/Educator (Science Oriented) at West Africa Vocational
5. Accounting Teacher at Mabest Academy
6. Physics Teacher at Mabest Academy
7. Computer / Data Processing Teacher at Goshen International Schools
8. Lower Primary Class Teacher at Palm Spring Preparatory School
9. SEN / Guidance and Counseling Teacher at Noble Hall Leadership Academy for Girls
10. Science Teacher at M.D School
11. Class Teacher at M.D School


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